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Login to check your Private Kitchen Points!
  • 2 HKD spent at La Maison will earn you 1 point;
  • For every 100 points earned, you can redeem it as 10 HKD in your next visit to La Maison;

* Not applicable on other promotion, discounted item or special event menus. 不可與其他推廣活動共同使用。
* After reservation, but NO SHOW without 30 mins prior notice, all previous member points will be automatically deleted without notice. 如預定後沒有出現,且未在30分鐘前通知,所有積分將被取消。
* La Maison hold the right of final decision on any discrepancies. 如有爭議,La Maison擁有最終解釋權。
Disclaimer: La Maison does not assume any responsibility for any wines not purchased from us.